Helpful Tips

How much wood does the project require?

> Project square footage times 12, divided by width coverage of product.
> Refer to product specification chart for actual coverage for each nominal size.

Example:  The project is 10’ by 20’, or 200 square feet to be covered by 5/4 x 6 decking (5.5” coverage). 200sq feet x 12inches = 2400 divided by 5.5” coverage = 436.36 lineal ft.
Rule of Thumb:
  Add 10% lineal footage to requirements.  For the above example, we would quote 480 lineal feet.

How is the project laid out?

This can have a significant impact on the tally required (mix of lengths). Particularly on L-shaped or irregular deck patterns where the direction of the joists may change.  Deck packages generally come in 6’-16’ random lengths, 60 - 70% 12’ and longer.

What are the requirements for joists?

> 5/4x6 decking is designed to be installed on 16” center
> 2x6 decking is designed to be installed on 24” centers

How important is appearance?

Our Northern Select™ represents Canada’s highest grade of Western Red Cedar. 

Lakeside Plus is an excellent choice for applications where a one-sided appearance is satisfactory, while certain customers may be very satisfied with a #2+BTR product in dimension.

NOTE:  Many of our customers call for a quote/assistance for every project. Don't hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions.